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  • As_12587

    Andrea Spotorno for Hogan Campaign SS15 

  • Bo_10710

    Bart Oomes for Vogue Dutch

  • Kb_10995

    Kira Bunse for Céline SS 2015

  • Bo_10666

    Bart Oomes for Issey Miyake Perfumes

  • As_12501

    Andrea Spotorno for Another Man

  • Ju_00627

    Jonas Unger and Anna Schiffel, Styling, for Interview Germany

  • Ef_10529

    Emanuele Fontanesi for Air France Madame

  • Kb_10959

    Kira Bunse for Double Magazine

  • Ae_11097

    Annabel Elston for Dunhill

  • Ju_00505

    Jonas Unger for Mads Nørgaard

  • As_12503

    Andrea Spotorno for Hogan Club AW 14

  • Ju_00509

    Jonas Unger for SZ Magazin

  • Kb_10836

    Kira Bunse for Lula Magazine

  • Bo_10703

    Bart Oomes for David Mallett Haircare

  • Ef_10496

    Emanuele Fontanesi and Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for Marie Claire US

  • Ans_10574

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for Allacarta

  • Ans_10560

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for Lui Magazine

  • Wj_00999

    Willem Jaspert for Heroine Magazine

  • Lb_11161

    Lars Botten for Space Magazine

  • Ans_10549

    Anna Schiffel, styling, for Russh Magazine

  • Ju_00475

    Jonas Unger for M Le Monde

  • Clc_10617

    Clarisse Canteloube - L.A.

  • As_12338

    Andrea Spotorno for Numéro

    Styling by Cristina Casini

  • Ju_00442b

    Jonas Unger, Photography,

    and Anna Schiffel, Styling, for M Le Monde

  • As_12316

    Andrea Spotorno for The Gentlewoman

  • Wj_00981

    Willem Jaspert, Photography, 

    and Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for Sleek

  • Ef_10445

    Emanuele Fontanesi for Port Magazine

  • Bo_10692

    Bart Oomes for Vogue Dutch

  • Ef_10475

    Emanuele Fontanesi, Photography,

    and Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for Sleek

  • As_12310

    Andrea Spotorno photographs Faye Wong for Céline

  • Ju_00425

    Jonas Unger for Condé Nast Traveller India

  • Ae_11029

    Annabel Elston for Guestbook

  • Acne%20index%20img

    Kira Bunse for Acne

  • As_12296

    Andrea Spotorno for Vogue China

  • Ans_10521

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for Russh Magazine

  • Kb_10788

    Kira Bunse for Vogue China Special Celine

  • As_12284

    Andrea Spotorno for Marc Jacobs

  • Wj_00090

    Willem Jaspert for Clash

  • Ans_10502

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for Lui Magazine

  • Ae_11016%20

    Annabel Elston for Isomi

  • Kb_10773

    Kira Bunse for Céline AW 14/15

  • Wj_00177

    Willem Jaspert for i-D

  • Ju_00347

    Jonas Unger for Liberation Next

  • Kb_10758

    Kira Bunse for Masses Magazine

  • As_12262

    Andrea Spotorno for Céline Runway AW 14/15

  • As_12250

    Andrea Spotorno for Double Magazine SS 14

  • Wj_00085

    Willem Jaspert for Bullet

  • Ju_00348

    Jonas Unger for M Le Monde

  • Fs_10380

    Fumito Shibasaki

  • Ae_11007

    Annabel Elston for T Magazine

  • Bo_10662

    Bart Oomes for Air France Magazine

  • Wj_00249

    Willem Jaspert for Sleek

  • Ju_00060

    Jonas Unger for Zeit Magazine

  • It_11860

    Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for Sleek Magazine

  • Ju_00285

    Jonas Unger - Travel

  • Ju_00228

    Jonas Unger - Under 30

  • Ae_10978

    Annabel Elston for Acne Los Angeles

  • It_11849

    Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for H&M Denim

  • Kb_10459

    Kira Bunse for Masses Magazine

  • Bo_10602

    Bart Oomes for Ohmann Leathers

  • Ae_10767

    Annabel Elston, Bookproject "Land", published by Steidl

  • Fs_10036

    Fumito Shibasaki

  • Kb_10385

    Kira Bunse for Achilles Ion Gabriel

  • Lb_11014

    Lars Botten for Spoon Magazine

  • Lb_10745

    Lars Botten for Spur Magazine

  • It_11756

    Isabelle Thiry, Styling, Sleek Magazine

  • Kb_10339

    Kira Bunse for April 77

  • It_11762

    Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for Boss Underwear

  • Fs_10060

    Fumito Shibasaki

  • Lb_10728

    Lars Botten for D2 Magazine

  • Fs_10102

    Introducing Fumito Shibasaki