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  • Ef_10706

    Emanuele Fontanesi, photography for Styleby 

    styling by Emelie Johansson 

  • Kb_11627

    Kira Bunse, for Masses Magazine S/S16

  • Lin_00527

    Wai Lin Tse for L'Officiel Mexico

  • Ju_00929

    Jonas Unger and Emelie Johansson, 

    Styling, for Hobo Magazine

  • Lin_00510

    Wai Lin Tse for L'Officiel Hommes Germany

  • Sm_10491

    Sarah Malka, Casting Director for 

    Etudes Studio A/W 16 Men's Show

  • Ans_10820

    Anna Schiffel, Styling,

     for Interview Germany 

  • Kb_11582

    Kira Bunse for Céline / Vogue China

    Styling by Anna Schiffel 

  • As_12709

    Andrea Spotorno for Muse Magazine # 41

  • Vw_10151

    Valerie Weill, Set Design,

     for Vogue Paris 

  • Sportlife_indexwebsite

    Bart Oomes for Sportlife

  • Fv_11255

    Frederik Vercruysse

     for L'Officiel Hommes Paris 

  • Sm_10385

    Sarah Malka, Casting Director 

    For Paul Smith A/W 16 Men's Show

  • Ans_10778

    Jonas Unger, Photography, and 

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for Muse Magazine #42

  • Ans_10760

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for

    Muse Magazine Issue # 42 

  • Cb_10354

    Clare Byrne, Styling, for 

    Intermission Magazine AW15

  • Ans_10802

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for M Le Monde

  • Ju_00913

    Jonas Unger for Won Hundred SS16

  • Cb_10361

    Clare Byrne, Styling, for Monique Pean 

  • Lin_448

    Wai Lin Tse for Metal Magazine, 

    Styling by Emelie Johansson

  • Wj_01086

    Willem Jaspert for L'Officiel Hommes Germany

  • Ju_00817

    Jonas Unger for Michino SS 16

  • Ef_10700

    Emanuele Fontanesi for Common & Sense Man

  • Ae_11210

    Annabel Elston for World Of Interiors

  • Nike_black_index

    Bart Oomes, Moving Image for Nike

  • Vw_10126b

    Valerie Weill, Set-Design, for AnOther Magazine

  • It_12100

    Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for Hugo AW 15/16

  • Cb_10339%201

    Clare Byrne, Styling, for 

    SSAW Magazine

  • Wj_01117

    Willem Jaspert for Paper Magazine

  • Ans_10754

    Anna Schiffel, Styling, for Interview Germany

  • As_12735

    Andrea Spotorno for CristaSeya

  • Ju_890

    Jonas Unger for M le Monde

  • It_12165

    Isabelle Thiry, Styling, for Styleby Magazine

  • Fv_00940

    Frederik Vercruysse for L'Officiel Hommes Paris

  • As_12688

    Andrea Spotorno for WSJ Magazine

  • Ans_10759

    Anna Schiffel for Interview Germany

  • Bo_10775b

    Bart Oomes for Vogue Paris

  • Vw_10122

    Valerie Weill, Set Design, for Breakbot "back for more"

  • As_12717

    Andrea Spotorno photographs Christina Ricci 

    for Dazed & Confused

  • Bo_10789

    Bart Oomes for Vogue Man Netherlands

  • Wj_01058

    Willem Jaspert for Office Magazine

  • Fv_00414

    Frederik Vercruysse - Compositions

  • Lin_00051

    Wai Lin Tse for Lula

  • Kb_11414

    Kira Bunse for Achilles Ion Gabriel F/W15

  • Ae_11170

    Annabel Elston for Acne Studios

  • Lin_346

    Wai Lin Tse for Octaevo

  • Cb_10266%201

    Clare Byrne, Styling for Area S/S16 

  • Fv_00473

    Frederik Verdruysse for Linda Farrow

  • Ef_10689

    Emanuele Fontanesi , Styling by Anna Schiffel

    for Tank Magazine

  • Ans_10695

    Anna Schiffel, Styling for Muse Magazine # 41 

  • Vw_10114

    Valerie Weill, set design, for Dior Beauty

  • Ans_10691

    Anna Schiffel for Off--white Campaign A/W 15

  • As_12678

    Andrea Spotorno for Z Zegna campaign A/W 15 

  • As_12684

    Andrea Spotorno for WSJ Magazine

  • Kb_11295

    Kira Bunse for Céline FW15 Catalogue

  • Ae_11167

    Annabel Elston for Modern Matter

  • Cb_10020

    Clare Byrne, styling for O Magazine

  • Sm_10151

    Sarah Malka, Casting Director,

    for Paul Smith Men's Show SS16

  • Ae_11151

    Annabel Elston for Studio Vit

  • Ans_10690

    Jonas Unger for M Le Monde, styled by Anna Schiffel

  • Ae_11128

    Annabel Elston for Acne Studios

  • Kb_11288

    Kira Bunse for Masses Magazine

  • Bo_10761

    Bart Oomes for Vogue Dutch

  • Vw_10004

    Valerie Weill, set design for Snoop Dogg

  • As_12671

    Andrea Spotorno for Vogue Paris

  • Ju_00774

    Jonas Unger for Zeit Magazine

  • As_12655

    Andrea Spotorno for Vogue Paris

  • As_12658

    Andrea Spotorno for Double Magazine

  • Kb_11077

    Kira Bunse for Space Magazine, styled by Emelie Johansson

  • As_12639

    Andrea Spotorno for Document Journal

  • Ju_00784

    Jonas Unger for M Le Monde

  • As_12596

    Andrea Spotorno for Another Man

  • Ans_10629

    Anna Schiffel for Alla Carta

  • Ej_00298

    Emelie Johansson, styling, for M Le Monde

  • Bo_10745

    Bart Oomes for Prestage Magazine

  • Ans_10645

    Anna Schiffel for Interview Germany

  • Bo_10737

    Bart Oomes for Man About Town

  • As_12594

    Andrea Spotorno for Hogan SS15 Campaign